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No.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  Old saying but still relevant.  The continual updates in all modern software may fix something – and another broken.  IMO.  I know I am a minority on this this group but an old tried  and true setup has great value.  Experience, reduces updates and adds to stability.  We don’t change our code unless we must.  We think it is more stable.  Don’t listen to me if you are the type that must have every update ASAP  Listen to me if you don’t need the latest  and greatest and your app works properly.  Study the new version and make a plan to move forward when the time is right.  We often move forward to the previous stable release.   Often months or even a year later.  If the improvements are for things you don’t use, put them off.


Look at exactly what the release notes say to help you decide if the update is worth it, you might find it improves only functionality you don’t use.  It saves time and money and does not introduce new bugs.  


We use a very unpopular method – we use inetd.  This releases you from all the server management code which is very very very hard to make work on all systems as they work so differently.  We are on IBM with AIX (Unix).  I doubt a lot of people are testing that configuration.


Stunnel is very good at not requiring you to update one step at a time!  You can skip safely.


Enough blather.  I am sure there are a lot of people that disagree with me.  And they are likely correct in certain situations.  We suggest you look at your situation and and see if you can skip releases …


All opinion, not fact.  I am old-school so keep that in mind!

Good Luck,







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Have you tried RFC8410?



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<snip>We use similar logic with one stunnel and have millions of transactions daily... [4+10+1 mil XML+web calls].  <snip>R

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