[stunnel-users] CPU 100%

Eric Eberhard flash at vicsmba.com
Thu Oct 18 02:01:16 CEST 2018

Also a good idea.  That would be found in the log ASAP certainly with a high
debug level.  Might fill the filesystem for the log if that is so :)  Does
FreeBSD support kill -9 (or is it 11?) that forces a core dump?  If so, when
you kill it and leave a core file, you can use the debugger on that core
file and see what it is doing.  Look at the stack trace.  You may need
several to catch the problem.  If it is simply in a read() type state then
the other machine is streaming you.  If it is loop around you should see it
in a different place in each core file (the odds of hitting the same line of
code when kill it every time are not good).  I do not know what debuggers
you have (gdb?) but that is another trick.




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Just a silly idea, but is it possible you have a re-entrant configuration
for one service, one that connect back to itself creating a loop?



Vincent Deschenes Ing. PMP



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We are running stunnel 5.49 on FreeBSD 11.2 and we're running into a problem
once in a while. 


CPU pegs at 100% when we get an stunnel connection from one of our external

This affects 100% of all cores and we can't even log in to console.


To mitigate this temporarily, we have a script running in the background to
watch when stunnel begins to spike and restarts the daemon.


It doesn't happen 100% of the time, and so far I have been unable to
distinguish what makes the connection do this to the CPU. 


Have any of you run in to this issue? 






Brian Murrey
System Engineer II, IT Infrastructure



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