[stunnel-users] Windows Server 2012 R2

Daniel McArdell Daniel_McArdell at bnz.co.nz
Thu May 17 02:56:14 CEST 2018

I have joined the mail group in the hope that someone can help with problems I am having running on our Server machine.
I downloaded "stunnel-5.45b6-win64-installer" and installed it on our Server.
When I run the executable I get:

2018.05.17 12:48:33 LOG5[main]: stunnel 5.45 on x64-pc-msvc-1913 platform
2018.05.17 12:48:33 LOG5[main]: Compiled/running with OpenSSL 1.1.0g  2 Nov 2017
2018.05.17 12:48:33 LOG5[main]: Threading:WIN32 Sockets:SELECT,IPv6 TLS:ENGINE,OCSP,PSK,SNI
2018.05.17 12:48:33 LOG5[main]: Reading configuration from file stunnel.conf
2018.05.17 12:48:33 LOG5[main]: UTF-8 byte order mark detected
2018.05.17 12:48:33 LOG5[main]: Configuration successful

The shortcut
[cid:image001.png at 01D3EDDE.6F3D0930]

I was expecting to get a GUI interface but that does not happen. Can someone tell me what is going wrong. I feel as though I have missed something obvious.

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