[stunnel-users] is it possible to make stunnel works for dbmail timsieved?

cktmwe at gmail.com cktmwe at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 16:54:38 CEST 2018

hello everyone,

I'm currently try to stunnel sieve traffic to local dbmail timsieved,
unfortunately I couldn't get it to work, my first question, does stunnel
support sieve manage protocol? secondly if it does, how can I config the

what I've done so far. timsieved started on, connect and
manage all works, I saw connection in dbmail log, then define sieve service
block in stunnel.conf, restart stunnel, but if I connect
our.public.ip:4190, timsieved becames no connection at all, dbmail log kept
silent. traffic from port 4190 is already accepted in iptables.

config that I used.

> [sieve]
> accept = our.public.ip:4190
> connect =

software version:

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