[stunnel-users] Is there a way to specify certificate content in stunnel config

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Hi Eric,
I run my application with stunnel in the client mode (client = yes in config file) . I do not have control on the stunnel running in server mode though. 
If i understand your mail correctly, the hack is to copy the certs to any local directory that should be accessible and then delete the same after the connection is established? I dont have problems maintaining the pem files if i can access the file system to create them, but i am exploring an option, which i couldnt figure out from the stunnel documentation, if i can specify the certs inside the configuration file for stunnel itself rather than feeding them through a file. I have an environment where the certificates and keys are available as strings to my applications and hence the idea is to use them directly in stunnel config rather than as a file.

    On Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 4:20:32 AM GMT+5:30, Eric S Eberhard <flash at vicsmba.com> wrote:  
Use stunnel in inetd mode.  Execute a script (or better C program).  Copy the certificates for making the stunnel connection to a directory that is OK … then delete them immediately after stunnel starts.  Hack – but might be OK for what you are doing.


I am not sure why anyone would think it more secure to put the keys into the stunnel command than to just use them from a file … but I likely do not know enough about your application to make a judgement.





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I have a requirement where in i cannot specify the certificate and/or private key details as "files" to stunnel configuration, owing to the location and/or file system availability for stunnel to access them.


Is there a way to specify the actual certificate content in stunnel configuration (similar to other parameters like port numbers etc.,) so that the same can be leveraged.






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