[stunnel-users] Re (2): Problems with stunnel and cox.net on Windows 7

Phil Smith III phs3stuff at cox.net
Thu Jan 18 19:55:05 CET 2018

Oh, the logging works--it just doesn't like it there in the file. I have it earlier and it's fine.

C:\Users\phsiii>ls -ld \temp\stunnel-log.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 phsiii None 266835 Jan 18 08:52 \temp\stunnel-log.txt

# That's Cygwin ls -- remember, this is Windows 7

C:\Users\phsiii>nslookup localhost
Server:  UnKnown
Address:  2001:4860:4860::8888

*** UnKnown can't find localhost: No response from server

# Windows nslookup (per "which nslookup")
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From:	"Phil Smith III" <phs3stuff at cox.net>
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> while the output= wasn't accepted (it said it wasn't valid there),

Does the file exist?  If not, can stunnel create it?
Can you read it with an editor.  Can you write into it interactively?

What does "ls -ld C:\temp\stunnel-log.txt" or Win equivalent give?

> changing to localhost seems to have fixed it!

What does "nslookup localhost" report?

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