[stunnel-users] Problems with stunnel and cox.net on Windows 7

Phil Smith III phs3stuff at cox.net
Thu Jan 18 17:21:28 CET 2018

Right, I had done that:
>Yes, I have protocol = pop3 and protocol = smtp; I’ve tried 
>commenting them out individually, no change that I can see.

The doc really isn't clear about why you'd want/need these, by the way.

But your earlier suggestion (localhost instead of seems to have worked. Still a mystery. I'll be tinkering on machine2 tonight, and then will try on the wife's machine!

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> protocol = pop3

The stunnel(8) manual has this.
"protocol = PROTO
    application protocol to negotiate TLS
    This option enables initial, protocol-specific negotiation of the TLS encryption."
Is there any need for protocol-specific negotiation?  Why?  Stunnel 
provides a tunnel and POP3 works inside.  That's all.  Try the 
configuration without the protocol option.

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