[stunnel-users] stunnel 5.50 on Solaris 10

Udo Erdelhoff ue at nathan.ruhr.de
Wed Dec 12 13:43:30 CET 2018

quick heads-up to anybody building/using stunnel 5.50 on Solaris 10 and
wondering where the "Invalid configuration file name" errors are coming
from:  The problem is the call to realpath in line 334 of options.c, it
uses NULL as second argument as a request to have the realpath function
allocate the memory buffer for the sanitized string.

This variant of realpath is not supported on Solaris 10, and leads to
EINVAL (error code 22).

Quickest fix is to run configure and then manually change src/config.h
to have 
/* #undef HAVE_REALPATH */
instead of

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