[stunnel-users] Using Chrome directly as an STunnel Client to connect to an STunnel Server

Manuele Trimarchi info at trimarchimanuele.it
Mon Oct 2 07:32:45 CEST 2017


Chrome is not able to know that behind the SSL connection there will be
another SSL connection and not plain HTTP, that's your problem.

In order to achive your goal for point 2 (btw I don't think that this kind
of configuration has any sense honestly) you need to run an instance of
stunnel in client mode on your computer that connects to the 443 endpoint
of stunnel server. Then it will listen on a port that you decide (i.e.
8443). At this point you have to point chrome to https://localhost:8443 and
all will works *but* with some problems about certificate. This time chrome
will get an handshake with the webserver and not with stunnel server.

I hope that you understand that this is not a normal configuration and
there is no need to double encrypt the HTTP connection.

Kind regards.
Manuele Trimarchi
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