[stunnel-users] Exception 40000015 STATUS_FATAL_APP_EXIT

Małgorzata Olszówka Malgorzata.Olszowka at stunnel.org
Thu Nov 30 12:14:03 CET 2017

> Hello Stunnel-users,
> Well,  I have a problem with latest stunnel-5.44-win32 build. Both GUI
> and console versions won't to start throwing unhandled exception:
> Probably I missing some DLL or service running but it's not an option
> to  turn  everything ON (and copy every single DLL ever made to my PC)
> to determine which one is not running. Probably it's something else.

I tried to replicate this bug, but I couldn't. Could you post your 
configuration file?
Which antivirus do you use?

Best regards,

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