[stunnel-users] Email Solution Needed

Jon Kinne jhkinne at charter.net
Sat Nov 11 16:50:05 CET 2017

I am running Windows 7, 32-bit and I have an email problem I'm trying to 
solve. I will describe what I need to do and hopefully someone can tell 
me if stunnel will solve it or if not, where else I might find a solution.

I need to send emails out of a database program called Sage Act. It 
requires that the outgoing SMTP server be on port 25, and be named 

My ISP (Charter) blocks port 25, and their SMTP server is called 
"mobile.charter.net" on port 587.

I need to have a way to enter an address like "SMTP.charter.net" (Port 
25) in ACT, and when I send that email, it actually goes to 
"mobile.charter.net" or perhaps my gmail SMTP server on port 587 
(Charter) or whatever port the gmail SMTP server requires.

I'll certainly appreciate any help anyone can offer me.



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