[stunnel-users] Web browsing over stunnel

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Peter made a very clear explanation. Note that your connect statement should be something like:


And you should test using something like:



> On Nov 6, 2017, at 6:52 PM, Peter Pentchev <roam at ringlet.net> wrote:
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>>> It’s because the web site GETs a request  for not for http://www.stunnel.org/
>>> Just as an academic exercise, you may want to add this line to your hosts file (usually in \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts):
>>> www.stunnel.net
>>> Then change your connect line‭ to the IP address of  www.stunnel..net (now or
>>> And test again.
>>> Saludos
>>> Jose Alfredo Diaz
>> Hi,
>> I am not sure if I understand you right. What this academic exercise should reveal?
>> It just try to connect to ...?
> The point is to get your browser to ask the remote server "give me the
> main page of www.stunnel.org" and not "give me the main page of
>".  The webserver may have many so called "virtual hosts"
> defined - the same webserver on the same IP address serves many
> websites; it knows which one to serve by the hostname that the client
> (the browser) sends to it.
> Putting in your hosts file and pointing your browser to it is
> a widely used trick to make it connect to a remote site through a
> tunnel; of course, the tunnel must be established first.
> G'luck,
> Peter
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