[stunnel-users] Please Help to configure Stunnel for SHOUTcast

Małgorzata Olszówka gosia at olszowka.net
Tue Jan 24 11:03:40 CET 2017

W dniu 24.01.2017 o 02:17, Frans Rehl pisze:
> I am wondering if any of you can help me to configure stunnel for
> shoutcast. I have a VPS with Windows Server 2012 R2
> and I cannot find the correct configuration for windows server. Can
> someone help me please?
> My shoutcast is currently streaming on port 8000
> however, I don't understand some part of the configuration, such as;
> cert -pem and ca-pem

Hello Frans,
The certificate is a way of starting a secure communication. In order 
for communication to be secured, it must be encrypted (to prevent a 
third-party from seeing what is being transmitted) and authenticated (to 
prevent tampering and to ensure the communication came from the intended 
The certificate is unique to an stunnel installation/configuration and 
is shared with the peer. The values in the certificate are used through 
stunnel to authentication and verify the peer in a cryptographic way. At 
least one side of the connection must be authenticated in order to 
prevent man-in-the-middle attack.
I suggest reading the stunnel manual and some configuration examples:

If you have any specific questions to stunnel, please attach your 
configuration file and log messages.


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