[stunnel-users] Problem with 5.40 and Peer suddenly disconnected

Małgorzata Olszówka Malgorzata.Olszowka at stunnel.org
Tue Feb 14 13:38:10 CET 2017

 > After updating to stunnel 5.40 on x86-pc-msvc-1500 platform, I am
 > getting a Peer suddenly disconnected each time I post data to a
 > particular url.
> I found the archives and downgraded to 5.37 and this fixed the problem.
> Before going this route I tried 5.40 and 5.41 beta and both had the same
> issues with ‘Peer suddenly disconnected’.
 > Old version of Stunnel which works:
 > 2017.02.09 12:51:09 LOG6[49]: Negotiated TLSv1 ciphersuite RC4-MD5 
(128-bit encryption)

The default ciphers have changed since the version 5.40
But you can select permitted TLS ciphers by setting the ciphers option.
So try to add in this case:

ciphers = RC4-MD5


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