[stunnel-users] Help in setting stunnel in client mode to connect webservice in mutual authentication

Chokkalingam, Jothish jothish.chokkalingam at accenture.com
Fri Apr 28 09:30:49 CEST 2017

Can you help in sorting it out below scenario
We have a URL whose TLS is 1.0 and now it is being upgraded to 1.2. Since the current application doesn't support V1.0 I am planning to use stunnel in between to fix the gap. Can you help if my below config is correct or not. The communication between client and server is MASSL(mutual authentication SSL)

client = yes
CApath = /apps/bss/CCBTrustStore-->trust store where the remote webservice certificates are stored in cert format
accept = 46200-->port configured from client machine to connect using http
connect =  xxx.in.xxx.com.au:46200-->port where the incoming http request need to be changed from http to https
cert = /stunnel/bin/client.pem-->identity certificate used for client
key = /stunnel/bin/key.pem-->corresponding key for the above identity certificate.
While hitting using the URL http://localhost:46200 it is shown in stunnel log as below
2017.04.28 17:17:51 LOG5[2627:3]: Billpay46200 accepted connection from
2017.04.28 17:17:51 LOG5[2627:3]: Billpay46200 connected remote server from
2017.04.28 17:17:51 LOG3[2627:3]: SSL_connect: Peer suddenly disconnected
2017.04.28 17:17:51 LOG5[2627:3]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent to SSL, 0 bytes sent to socket

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