[stunnel-users] stunnel 5.38 released

Javier jamilist.stn at gmx.es
Sun Nov 27 00:10:34 CET 2016

Hi there.

Dumb error I just found. Dumb because I just found it and maybe it
was earlier among us. Or maybe it is "a feature". But I'd swear it
worked as expected in the past.

Testing the new SNI option I made a mistake and I had to edit and
reload the configuration file. Nothing strange until here.

The problem is comming because I load a custom .conf file as
"stunnel.exe file.conf" for the server mode, so when a parsing error
is found, Stunnel lose the track of the custom .conf file and when
you reload the corrected configuration through the "Reload
configuration" menu option, it doesn't load the custom .conf but the
default stunnel.conf.

But before reloading, the "Edit configuration" menu option points
correctly to the correct configuration file and opens it to edit.
Only "Reload configuration" lose the track of the file.

This is happening in the windows environment (just if it wasn't clear
enough by the .exe extension ;) ). Windows 2000 (yet). I can't
tested versions beyond.


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