[stunnel-users] Help in setting stunnel in server mode to over come TLSV2 compatibility

Rodney Lott rlott at evertz.com
Wed Nov 23 16:18:56 CET 2016

Hi, there.

I'm no stunnel expert, but here's my $0.05 (we have no pennies in Canada anymore ;-) ):
- I would try including the key as well as the cert in your stunnel config
- I would enable debug on the openssl s_client call to see if it will indicate why it is reseting. Same with your SFDC client to get more info.
- Question: is the "WARNING: can't open config file" message below indicative of a permissions or path problem?
- Question: Is the stunnel cert and key compatible with the TIBCO server's certificate? They need to be using certs generated from the same key source, don't they?
- You might want to fix the SSL version in the stunnel config file (i.e. sslVersion = TLSv1.2)

Good luck with your debugging.


On 2016-11-22 07:43 PM, jothish.chokkalingam at accenture.com<mailto:jothish.chokkalingam at accenture.com> wrote:
HI all,

There is a problem we have currently connecting tibco client to SFDC sever via TLS v1.2 and that’s solved by using stunnel in client mode. And the communication from SFDC client to tibco server applications w.r.t TLS V1.2 I am unable to solve using stunnel. Below is the configuration in stunnel in server end to divert the traffic from 8008 to 8009, can you help here with the logs is the stunnel configuration is correct or there any missed/need to alter.

[SFDC reverse proxy test]
;client = yes
accept = 8008-->port used by sfdc client to connect to TIBCO server
connect = localhost:8009 -->Tibco server that’s running
cert = stunnel.pem
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG7[118]: Service [SFDC reverse proxy test] started
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG7[118]: Option TCP_NODELAY set on local socket
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG5[118]: Service [SFDC reverse proxy test] accepted connection from
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG6[118]: Peer certificate not required
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG7[118]: SSL state (accept): before/accept initialization
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG3[118]: SSL_accept: Peer suddenly disconnected
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG5[118]: Connection reset: 0 byte(s) sent to SSL, 0 byte(s) sent to socket
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG7[118]: Local descriptor (FD=696) closed
2016.11.23 08:31:56 LOG7[118]: Service [SFDC reverse proxy test] finished (0 left)

PFB the openssl snap shot looks odd
C:\Program Files (x86)\stunnel\bin>openssl s_client -connect localhost:8008 -prexit -showcerts
WARNING: can't open config file: /devel/win32/openssl/openssl.cnf

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