[stunnel-users] Incoming port ignored

Ivan De Masi de_masi at blu-it.de
Wed Mar 30 15:49:52 CEST 2016

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> Ivan,
> When you say you configure your AV-scanner to listen on 
> localhost, how do you do it? Which ports does AV-scanner 
> listen to? 

Hi Josealf,

I just tell Avira e-mail scanner on which ports it has to listen (POP3: 110
/ IMAP: 143 / SMTP: 25).
I can't configure any IP - but this is not necessary, because as I mentioned
before: When configuring the e-mail client with an unencrypted and direct
connection to my mailprovider, Avira is able to scan the e-mails. So it
already listens on localhost.

I found that workaround here:


And Outlook & Thunderbird are listening on,, ... it worked!!!

I think from the moment I installed stunnel as a service problems started.
The servive-daemon also told me, that there is no config (?!).
So I switched back to the "GUI Start" and now it doesn't work any more :-/

> You can't have both stunnel and Avira listening on the same ports on the
same interface.

OK, I can change the listening ports (both in stunnel and/or Avira), but how
do I get them to work together then? 
Sorry, I'am a litte bit confused now...

> Check your traffic flow. It should be something like:
> Client -> Avira -> stunnel -> provider.
Well, this seem logical to me, but when I switch off the mail-scanner it
doesn't interrupt the fetching or sending, only when I stopt stunnel e-mails
can't be fetched or send any more. So it seems to me somehow the mail-client
connects directly to stunnel? 

> Only the connection stunnel-provider will be encrypted.

Yes, that's right.


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