[stunnel-users] Minor bug in resolver.c

Jose Alf. josealf at rocketmail.com
Wed Mar 16 04:55:50 CET 2016

Hello Michal,
I found a small bug on resolver.c. In function addrlist_resolve, in source line 318 for version 5.31, there is the instruction:
num+=name2addrlist(addr_list, host->name)
I think It should be:

num = name2addrlist(addr_list, host->name)

I found this because I created a service with three connect lines, like this:

And I found this line in the log:
2016.03.15 22:23:34 LOG6[0]: failover: round-robin, starting at entry #6

#6? It should be <= #2 !
I checked the source code, added some s_log instructions and found that the problem. For 3 addresses num variable was set to 6 (1 + 2 + 3) and that was returned by addrlist_resolve.
Hope this helps. And thanks again for your hard work on stunnel.

Best Regards
Jose A. Diaz
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