[stunnel-users] Stunnel in inetd mode and PID in logs

Małgorzata Olszówka gosia at olszowka.net
Thu Dec 8 09:52:41 CET 2016

W dniu 07.12.2016 o 19:39, Bruce Guenter pisze:
> I am not using journalctl. I am running stunnel from tcpserver, and both
> are outputting logs to stderr. tcpserver accepts the connections and
> reports the PID of each newly spawned connection along with both the
> local and remote connection details, but stunnel doesn't report its PID
> in its logs.  This makes it impossible to match up the local/remote IP
> information with the stunnel logs (TLS negotiation and data transfers).

Could you try to update stunnel to the latest 5.39 beta version and set 
logId=process id the global options.
Now, stunnel is able to report its PID in its logs. Is this ok?



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