[stunnel-users] Stunnel in inetd mode and PID in logs

Małgorzata Olszówka gosia at olszowka.net
Mon Dec 5 11:43:06 CET 2016

W dniu 02.12.2016 o 19:39, Bruce Guenter pisze:
> Hi.
> I am running stunnel in inetd mode (under tcpserver). Prior to version
> 5.12 (as far as I can tell), the logs output by stunnel would include
> the tag LOG#[PID]. As of version 5.12, the logs now say LOG#[main] (and
> later LOG#[ui]). Is there any way to get the PID back in the logs? I
> have tried all different choices for the logId configuration option, and
> it doesn't seem to make a difference there.

The logId option allows you to distinguish log entries generated for 
each of the connections. Various supported types are useful for the 
different method of log analysis. But I don’t understand why do you need 
to have the main stunnel process identifier in the log messages. It can 
be read from journalctl e.g.


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