[stunnel-users] Support for DTLS

Kanungo, Rajesh Rajesh.Kanungo at itron.com
Fri Sep 25 18:16:21 CEST 2015

  I am looking for support for a DTLS proxy.  Does Stunnel support DTLS and, if yes, how do I configure it? Here is the scenario:

1.       Remote Server supports DTLS.

2.       My client does not support DTLS (yet).  Support all our platforms is a pretty arduous task.

Possible solutions:

1.       Ask customer to use Stunnel, drop DTLS and use plain UDP, and use Stunnel/TCP.  Other clients support only DTLS so this does not work.

2.       Use VPN.  Requires customer configuration.  Less painful than 1.

3.       Use a UDP-DTLS proxy.

Rajesh Kanungo
North America Security
CTO Department,
Itron, Inc.
(408) 431-3035
Rajesh.kanungo at itron.com

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