[stunnel-users] How to upgrade OpenSSL version that comes with Stunnel

C Browne cbcs at comcast.net
Thu Jun 25 16:28:31 CEST 2015

The environment you are working in can make recompiling more or less 
easy.  With Linux, etc., it is usually very easy to re-compile both.  
With Windows, re-compiling stunnel is more difficult and openssl 
provides scripts for building a new version using Visual C++.  I have 
seen a note on the openssl discussions stating that normally one can 
upgrade to a new revision of the libraries without rebuilding the 
programs using the libraries.  So you can can go from 1.0.1c to 1.0.1d, 
or 1.0.2a to 1.0.2b, etc.  I have done this in the past and have had no 
difficulties.  However, stunnel does generate a warning message at start 
up that the build libraries and the run libraries are at different 
levels and recommends that stunnel should be rebuilt.  This discussion 
presumes that you are using shared openssl libraries with stunnel, and 
you do have to pay attention to linkage issues to get the correct 
libraries.  To the best of my knowledge, Windows only allows one version 
of a DLL with a given name to be active at a time and all programs 
requesting the named DLL will use an already loaded version of the DLL 
even if a different version is in the current load path at the time.


On 6/25/2015 7:18 AM, Jhon BYaka wrote:
> I'm think, recompiling it's best way.
> In manual, in 'Installing' section you can find how to force path to 
> specific version of openSSL when configure build env. Then compile it.
> ср, 24 июня 2015 г. в 18:58, Paul Randall <cessnapilot172 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:cessnapilot172 at gmail.com>>:
>     Hi folks,
>     Can you please tell me the process for swapping out the version of
>     OpenSSL that comes with Stunnel for a newer version of OpenSSL? 
>     Is there a quick way to do this or does it require recompiling
>     Stunnel?
>     Thanks.
>     Paul
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