[stunnel-users] "make check" tries to build Windows binary on Unix

Peter Pentchev roam at ringlet.net
Mon Jul 13 10:10:59 CEST 2015

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 09:29:19AM +0200, Michal Trojnara wrote:
> On 12.07.2015 21:24, Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> >> # Just check if the programs can be built, don't perform any
> >> actual tests check_PROGRAMS = stunnel.exe tstunnel.exe
> > 
> > Essentially the „check“ phase could just not be called during
> > build, but it would be cleaner to not bail out on Unix.
> I agree that testing whether the windows binaries can be correctly
> cross-compiled is probably only useful to me.  On the other hand this
> check allows to easily test (with "make distcheck") whether the
> distributed sources are sufficient for building Windows targets.

Maybe wrap them in an AM_CONDITIONAL for an AUTHOR_TESTS or
RELEASE_TESTS environment variable or something like this, like
the Perl folks do?


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