[stunnel-users] problem with buffering data on stunnel

wujot wujot at home.pl
Thu Jul 9 11:53:20 CEST 2015

	I have a problem with transmission from LAN server, which use another 

	on LAN with running stunnel, to pass encrypted data to remote SSL clients

	if they are on very slow GPRS network. If server in LAN starts to transfer

	big amount of data to such slow remote client, stunnel is buffering data 

	slowly transmits them to the GPRS client. TCP Window on connection from LAN

	server to stunnel is big (64 - 131kB), and TCP Window on connection from

	stunnel to slow client is small (about 5kB). And additionally stunnel is

	buffering data. So, server is finishing transmission in seconds, but in 

	most of data are still in buffers of stunnel. And it makes a timeout 

	(server is waiting for the confirmation from client if it received all data,
	but time between last byte sent from server and confirmation from client

	could be even several minutes).


	So, stunnel is working in "store and forward" model. Is it possible to

	switch it to something like "cut through"? Or how to force stunnel to more

	synchronized transmission between client and server?


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