[stunnel-users] No DNS lookup?

Javier meresponde2001-stn at yahoo.es
Wed Jan 21 21:17:48 CET 2015


As Ludof said, you may be trying to connect to a virtual web server
and, or it is a very basic web server, or has some misconfiguration,
because I use myself an old tiny web server that handles virtual
severs without any problems.

Make sure your web server can read the "Host" HTTP header, and, in
the client side, you are not blocking or spoofing it with a browser

You may need a HTTP sniffer.

I have kind of your configuration in my web server for IP Host
requests and only happens when you input the IP directly in the
browser. Stunnel, as a tunnel, is not the problem here. Are the
client and server endpoints.

It not a DNS lookup problem.


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