[stunnel-users] TLSv1 - Linux vs Windows ?

Brian Ipsen brian.ipsen at ryesgade47c.dk
Mon Feb 16 09:54:53 CET 2015


 But the configuration on the 2 client are exactly the same.... That is why I am wondering why it works on Linux, but not Windows....


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Emne: Re: [stunnel-users] TLSv1 - Linux vs Windows ?

On 10.02.2015 19:02, Brian Ipsen wrote:
> 2015.02.10 16:07:36 LOG7[7056]:    1 items in the session cache
> 2015.02.10 16:07:36 LOG7[7056]:    1 client connects (SSL_connect())
> 2015.02.10 16:07:36 LOG7[7056]:    1 client connects that finished
> Any idea why this happens ? The final result is that connections are
> possible from linux – but not Windows – and this is a problem for me…

This is the first connection ("1 client connects"), so there is no
previously negotiated session to resume.

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