[stunnel-users] Understanding communication

Claudia Porta claudia.porta at bancaakros.it
Wed Apr 15 14:51:07 CEST 2015


I connect to a server X through stunnel.

Then with a socket I send a logon message to the server, and I don’t receive
any error neither answer.


What I need to understand is:  client manage communication with stunnel ,
does the server need  to do the same?

I can send socket message through stunnel to a server that doesn’t use

Client (stunnel) ---à server


Below my config file ans stunnel log.


My config file is:

CApath = C:\programm files\

cert = xxx.pem


; Some performance tunings

socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1

socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1


; Some debugging stuff useful for troubleshooting

debug = 7


; Use it for client mode

client = yes



accept =akros ip

connect = Server ip port

sslVersion = all

options = NO_SSLv2

options = NO_SSLv3


And the stunnel log told me:

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG5[10080]: Reading configuration from file

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG5[10080]: UTF-8 byte order mark not detected

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG5[10080]: FIPS mode disabled

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: Compression disabled

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: Snagged 64 random bytes from C:/.rnd

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: Wrote 1024 new random bytes to C:/.rnd

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: PRNG seeded successfully

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG6[10080]: Initializing service [xxx]

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG6[10080]: Loading cert from file: xxx.pem

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG6[10080]: Loading key from file: xxx.pem

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: Private key check succeeded

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: SSL options: 0x03000004 (+0x03000000,

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG5[10080]: Configuration successful

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: Listening file descriptor created (FD=548)

2015.04.15 14:33:51 LOG7[10080]: Service [xxxPR] (FD=548) bound to
xxx.xxx.xxx.xx (my ip)



Thanks in advance,




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