[stunnel-users] Session is active but I cannot connect

daninho dj daninho.dj at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 16:51:54 CEST 2015

Hi Jose,

Thanks for mail. The problem is that when I change the accept port on the
server, stunnel doesn't start:



accept = 2404
connect = 2406


client = yes
accept =
connect = *my_server_name*:2406


I edited the stunnel.conf on the server:

accept = 2406
connect = 2406

Then trying to start the service:

*/etc/init.d/stunnel start*
*Starting stunnel (SSL tunnel) startproc:  exit status of parent of
/usr/sbin/stunnel: 1*
*  please see /var/log/rc.stunnel.log for details


/var/log/rc.stunnel.log is empty but in the log specified in the
stunnel.conf I have the following:

tail -10 /var/log/stunnel/stunnel.log
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG5[22524:139805264570112]: Threading:PTHREAD
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG6[22524:139805264570112]: file ulimit = 262144 (can
be changed with 'ulimit -n')
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG6[22524:139805264570112]: poll() used - no
FD_SETSIZE limit for file descriptors
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG5[22524:139805264570112]: 128000 clients allowed
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG7[22524:139805264570112]: FD 10 in non-blocking mode
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG7[22524:139805264570112]: FD 11 in non-blocking mode
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG7[22524:139805264570112]: FD 12 in non-blocking mode
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG7[22524:139805264570112]: SO_REUSEADDR option set on
accept socket
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG3[22524:139805264570112]: Error binding test to
2015.04.09 16:42:36 LOG3[22524:139805264570112]: bind: Address already in
use (98)

Same thing happens when I try to change the ports on the client. Any idea
how this problem can be solved?

Thanks and regards,

On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 4:12 PM, <josealf at rocketmail.com> wrote:

> The accept port on the server Config must be the same as the connect port
> on the client config.
> The connect port on the server must be the port used by the
> application/service you try to secure, usually bound to the loopback
> interfase, as you probably don't want to allow unsecure connections.
> On the client the accept port is the port your client application will
> connect to.
> Hope this helps to clarify a bit.
> Regards
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