[stunnel-users] Premature socket closure - race condition bug?

Graham Nayler (work) graham.nayler at hallmarq.net
Mon Sep 22 14:37:15 CEST 2014

Thanks, just what I need.

As for installers, I'm a bit of a luddite where that's concerned....so just 
have a roll-my-own system based on a couple of .bat files and Python 
scripts. Allows me to checksum, set up and kick off generic subsidiary 
programs, copy alternate configuration-specific programs according to 
generic pattern, etc. all with the minimum of maintenance. Way less pretty 
but much more flexible and less onerous than when I used to use an old 
Microsoft installer. Main omission is lack of an uninstall, but as this only 
goes onto machines over which I have direct control, and I do most of the 
updates myself, it's not something I need to automate. Probably plenty of 
installers out there that I could get to do what I want, but if it ain't 
broke I've really got too much else to keep me busy to be bothered to fix 


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I understand the official NSIS installer source code is available 
(tools/stunnel.nsi).  So, You can crate your customized installation with 
configuration files (stunnel.conf, certificates, etc). For NSIS, the silent 
switch is /S. I also have a custom Inno Setup script. I find Inno Setup 
easier to work with, although NSIS generates smaller installers, if you're 

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