[stunnel-users] stunnel beta (5.04b1) is available for testing

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Tue Sep 16 22:25:25 CEST 2014

Hi Mike,

Are you sure the stunnel-5.04b1.tar.gz file includes all changed files since 5.03 release?

I ran a diff between 5.03 and. 5.04 (just for the src directory) and I found no changed C files... But version.h changed :)

Maybe some cats were left out of the bag?


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Hi Guys,

Please feel free to try the beta version I just made available for


The list of changes includes most of the issues recently discussed on
the stunnel-users mailing list and more.

* New features
  - Support for local mode ("exec" option) on Win32.
  - A more explicit service description provided for the Windows SCM
    (thx to Pierre Delaage).
  - TCP/IP dependency added for NT service in order to (hopefully)
    prevent initialization failure at boot time.
  - FIPS canister updated to version 2.0.8 in the Win32 binary build.

* Bugfixes
  - load_icon_default() modified to return copies of default icons
    instead of the original resources to prevent the resources from
    being destroyed.
  - Reportedly more compatible values used for the dwDesiredAccess
    parameter of the CreateFile() function (thx to Pierre Delaage).
  - Partially merged UNICODE compilation fixes (thx to Pierre Delaage).
  - Partially merged Windows CE patches (thx to Pierre Delaage).
  - Fixed typos in stunnel.init.in and vc.mak.
  - Fixed incorrect memory allocation statistics update in
  - Missing REMOTE_PORT environmental variable is provided to processes
    spawned with "exec" on Unix platforms.
  - Taskbar icon is no longer disabled for NT service.

Some basic examples for local mode ("exec" option) on Windows:

; Service based on a command-line tool
accept = 8015
exec = c:\windows\system32\netstat.exe
execargs = netstat -a

; Remote cmd.exe protected with SSL
; Certificate-based authentication needs to be configured here!
accept = 1337
exec = c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

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