[stunnel-users] Exchange Online - SSLv3 and Sophos UTM 120 firewall update

Stephen Hogan shogan at mila.ie
Fri Oct 31 11:56:43 CET 2014

Hi Michal,

Thanks for making that a lot clearer!

You remind me of my college days (and nights!) when referring to finite state machines - I have a very good working knowledge of these as well! ;)

That's very good news... so I presume the line:

2014.10.28 14:35??:55 LOG6[4156]: Negotiated TLSv1 ciphersuite ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA (256-bit encryption)

... is the confirmation that the TLS protocol is being used?

(Apologies for my delayed response - I was out of the office yesterday.)


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Stephen Hogan wrote:
> 2014.10.28 14:35:55 LOG7[4156]: SSL state (connect): SSLv3 write
> client hello A
> I have a basic (shaky) understanding that the "handshake" for TLS
> does downgrade to SSLv3 if newer versions of TLS fail, but I am
> wondering if I apply the update recommended on the firewall, will
> this cut the communication for the SMTP relay, the way I am using
> it?

The debug messages produced by stunnel can sometimes be confusing.
They are intended to be helpful to developers, and not end-users.

OpenSSL implements the SSL/TLS/DTLS protocols with three separate
finite state machines: SSLv2, SSLv3, and DTLS1.
All TLS protocols use the SSLv3 state machine, thus the state name
does not reflect the actual protocol being negotiated.

See the source for details:

Best regards,
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