[stunnel-users] Problem with pidfile

reg14 at rambler.ru reg14 at rambler.ru
Sat May 31 01:54:47 CEST 2014

On 29/May/2014 at 18:54:50 +0200, Jochen Bern wrote:
> On May 28, 2014 5:48 PM, <reg14 at rambler.ru> wrote:
>> stop is successful, but pidfile is not removed. Then it becomes
>> impossible to determine whether stunnel is running or not.
> (As far as the GNU version of "kill" goes, a "kill -0 $PID" will tell
> you whether a process with that PID still exists; I've seen that used in
> some init.d scripts. Not foolproof, of course.)

Thanks for the tip. It is the way to determine if pidfile is stale.
But chances are that the PID is already assinged to another process.
So 'kill -0 $PID' is not definitely reliable.

Well, stunnel reload is not used very often so it may be excluded from
the init script. Simple start/stop are probably enough.

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