[stunnel-users] Access to Packet Content

Michael Carlino (RIT Student) mac9951 at rit.edu
Wed Mar 26 21:14:39 CET 2014

Hi Mike,
Thanks, I will look into that.  Now, given that I haven't read the Tarreau
doc yet, you can tell me to "read the ... manual", but...  does PROXY work
entirely *within* stunnel?  I don't have to add that proxy data in the
program that connects to client stunnel, do I?

Work day is almost over and then I can "relax" with that PROXY document.


On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 11:55 AM, Michal Trojnara
<Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net>wrote:

> Michael Carlino (RIT Student) wrote:
>> I just now pursued
>> http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/1.5/doc/proxy-protocol.txt [1], and I
>> see that there is a patch that allows stunnel to do an initial
>> modification to the HTTP request to insert a X-Forwarded-For header.
>> This sounds like what I need to do!  I am going to look for that
>> patch.  I hope the source code for the patch is available.
> In fact what PROXY protocol provides is an elegant solution to achieve the
> same goal that used to be achieved with the ugly X-Forwarded-For hack.  The
> PROXY protocol does not modify HTTP headers.  In fact it can be used with
> protocols other than HTTP.
> Mike
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