[stunnel-users] OpenVPN over stunnel

Derek Cole derek.cole at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 00:48:42 CEST 2014

I am doing something similar to what is happening in this scenario:


That is, I have set my openvpn client configuration to be "remote localhost
port" where port is the port my stunnel client is listening on the same box
as my openvpn client.

This seems to work - I get connected to OpenVPN server fine, however, I
don't seem to be able to ping the openvpn server by either of it's public
or private ip addresses. In fact, it seems like when I do a tcpdump on the
stunnel server, I don't see any incoming traffic on port 443. How is it
possible that I am getting the VPN connection, but then the rest of the
traffic just sort of stops going through stunnel?

My stunnel client service looks like the following:

accept =
connect = stunnelserver:443

and my stunnel server looks like:

cert = mycert.pem
accept  = 443
connect = openvpn server

Any ideas?
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