[stunnel-users] Filename is not cached for later editing

Javier meresponde2001-stn at yahoo.es
Thu Jan 23 18:45:26 CET 2014


Scenario in Windows.

I found today that, when you specify a configuration file different
from the standard file name, you can't edit it through
"Configuration>Edit stunnel.conf". Stunnel tries to edit
stunnel.conf, and, if not found, creates a new one through notepad.

This doesn't affect to the reload function, where the configuration
file specified is used for reload.

Also, this is not important, because in most cases is used the default
file name, but maybe could be implemented the ability to change those
menu options to display the current configuration file name used
instead the standard.

Let's say we use a configuration file named xxx.conf. The menu may
change to "Edit xxx.conf" and "Reload xxx.conf" instead "Edit
stunnel.conf" and "Reload stunnel.conf".

This may be interesting for when we have several services installed
and identify them better.


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