[stunnel-users] OCSP Responders in AIA extension

Ender Erel ender.erel at icterra.com
Mon Jan 20 14:22:16 CET 2014

I am sorry, it seems I forgot the link to the e-mail I mentioned.


Any ideas?

Ender Erel

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Subject: [stunnel-users] OCSP Responders in AIA extension

Hi All,

Does stunnel check the OCSP responders found in a certificate's AIA field? I am asking this because in the following e-mail from back 2008, the sender mentions a patch that implements this functionality. The patch is included with the mail but I don't think it is included in the later versions of stunnel. Does this mean OCSP responders inside a receied certificate are ignored?

I also want to ask another thing. When using verify = 3 in client mode, which file is used to check the received certificate? Is it the CAfile?
If so, would it work like this:

-          I manually opened a connection to a server outside stunnel, downloaded the server's certificate, and closed the connection.

-          I saved this certificate to a file, and wrote the path of this file in the stunnel configuration file (CAfile = /mycerts/tmpcert.pem,verify=3).

-          I started stunnel and initiated a connection to the server.
Would the connection be successful? Would it be the right way to use verify=3?

Kind Regards,
Ender Erel
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