[stunnel-users] Extra listeneres running that loop back to each other.

Keith Knapp kknapp at arthritisnw.com
Wed Jan 15 17:43:49 CET 2014


Every time I start stunnel two unexplainable things happen.
1. The settings in my .conf file are not implemented and I have checked them syntactically.

2. I use TCPView and can see two established connections associated with the stunnel process, but they are *not* in my .conf file
   - Every time I restart the service the two connections reappear but are associated with different ports.
   - Furthermore the connections loop back on each other; meaning that the remote port of the one connection is the local port of the other connection (and vice-versa).
   - Are these supposed to be there?
I have done a fresh install of the newest version of stunnel.


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