[stunnel-users] Ordinal not found error on new Stunnel install

Tracy Drake - IQ-C tracy.drake at gsa.gov
Mon Dec 15 18:05:28 CET 2014

Hello Michal!  We have just pushed/began to push Stunnel version 5.04 to
our user community.  This version was extensively tested, pushed/installed
on a number of machines both with an older version of Stunnel and no
Stunnel at all.  We are having a barrage of users encountering the below

[image: Inline image 1]

Can you offer insight/a quick resolution?  Bear in mind that although I
support the apps that require Stunnel I know very little about the ins and
outs of Stunnel.  I did google this error and found something to the effect
that a newer version of the LIBEAY32.dll is required.  Does this perhaps
mean that this file did not get replaced on these machines.  We were
previously running quite an older version - 4.27.

Please advise asap!

Tracy Drake
CSM Senior Consultant
GSA-FAS CAMEO Contractor
URSA & INFOConnect Support & Training Team Lead
tracy.drake at gsa.gov
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