[stunnel-users] Some troubles with PROXY protocol

Alexey V. Drozdov anyquist at yandex.ru
Wed Apr 9 00:48:27 CEST 2014

Hi, Mike!

I have analyze your fix and found mistake :(
We will switch to target SNI section after init_ssl(c) only, thereby  init_remote(c) will be connect to wrong destination.

    if(!c->opt->option.client && c->opt->protocol<0
            && !c->opt->servername_list_head
            ) {
        /* server mode and no protocol negotiation needed */
    } else { /* client mode or protocol negotiation enabled */
        protocol(c, PROTOCOL_PRE_CONNECT);
        init_remote(c);  <<<<<<<<<< Incorrect destination
        protocol(c, PROTOCOL_PRE_SSL);
        init_ssl(c); <<<<<<<<<<< switch to target SNI config section only there
        protocol(c, PROTOCOL_POST_SSL);

/Alexey V. Drozdov
e-mail: anyquist at yandex.ru

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