[stunnel-users] Weird tunneling eMule's web interface

Javier meresponde2001-stn at yahoo.es
Sun Nov 17 03:41:07 CET 2013

Hi there, lets see:

When I setup a server for the eMule's web interface and I access with
the browser through https, the result is that the web interface never
fully loads.

When I setup a server for the web interface and a client connecting
to that server and I access with the browser through http and with
help of the client, the web interface loads without problems.

Ok, at this point you think... "maybe the browser doesn't understand
stunnel server at first instance for some reason... and needs the
client to have a good SSL connection".

So, we complicate things.... ;-)

I made the following scenario because, sometimes, you can't use 
a client in the remote computer (where is not the web interface, 
if you are lost what with I'm telling).

So, now we setup a server for the web interface, a client that
connects to the server and a new server that connects to the client 
to serve to the remote browser... and... happens the same as the 
first example, as if it was only one server serving the web 
interface: it never fully loads.
(I know, this scenario was quite weird :-P ).

In case it was the browser I checked max connections, pipelining, 
etc, (allowing crazy max connection limits) but that didn't help 
on success :-(

No matter of what web browser I use, they all do the same. They 
create between 7 to 15 connections with stunnel (sometimes more, 
others less) and nothing else.

With the help of the client, all is smooth with over 150 connections.

I tried too to create an html file "similar" to the web interface
with the same resources (basically loads of images and therefore 
requests per second) and with my own web server and, in this case, 
there was no drama at all. The browsers connect to the stunnel server 
with over 190 connections in an eye blink and without of an stunnel 

At this point, I'm quite lost :-S

Why doesn't load the web interface connecting directly to the stunnel  
server but does with the help of a client?

Any ideas?

Probably is the built-in web server of eMule, but it doesn't give 
problems when there is no stunnel in between or when using an stunnel 
client to connect to that stunnel server :S

If you use eMule, test it and tell me if it works for you.


P.S.: I hope you understood all because, even for me, has been 
confusing to explain.

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