[stunnel-users] Clear LogWindow without Restart stunnel possible?

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at kuentos.guam.net
Fri Nov 1 11:22:45 CET 2013

On 1 Nov 2013 at 10:23, Ben Stover wrote:

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Subject:        	[stunnel-users] Clear LogWindow without Restart stunnel 

> Can I somehow clear the current LogWindows WITHOUT exit+restarting
> stunnel?

Are you talking about Linux or WIndows?

On my linux machines I have a script that I use to reduce the size after it gets 
to big.

if [ `ls -l /var/log/stunnel.log | awk '{print $5}'` -gt 50000 ] ; then 
   truncate -c -s 473 /var/log/stunnel.log

The truncate command changes the size and has it continue adding new 
records, where other options prevented it from adding records.

Don't know if that is an option under windows.

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