[stunnel-users] Stunnel SMP enabled?

Michael Curran mike_curran at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 6 21:44:40 CET 2013

I am running an Ubuntu system with Stunnel for 443 connections to an application on the back end. Essentially acting as a load balancer.
When I look at the processor stats per processor (this is a 6-cpu system) I see cpu0 with almost 4% usage , compared to the other 5 processors hiting maybe .5% usage across the board.
Is stunnel SMP enabled and passes processing amongst all 6 Procs? Or does it bind to one Proc and as long as its active it does all its work on just one PROC.
We are having a lot of dropped connections when the overall system CPU hits about 23-25% .. which seems to me that it could be pushing just one CPU hard and the other 5 become basically idle.
I am setting up to capture some SAR data to help confirm this effort, but it would if I knew that stunnel was setup for SMP processing. 		 	   		  
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