[stunnel-users] fix resource leaks and potential null

Arthur Mesh arthurmesh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 20:30:56 CET 2013

On Tue, Feb 05, 2013 at 01:52:12PM -0500, Brian Wilkins wrote:
> You are completely correct in that regard, but checking if a pointer is
> null is a different concept. It's not as if the program tried to see if it
> actually contained a string.

I am not sure why you are bringing up the concept of empty string here.
I don't think it's relevant at all. Yes, errstr points to a string, but we
don't dereference it check first char is not \0.

In any case, looking further in to this defect, I believe it's false
positive. The following bit from coverity is bogus:

At (20): Condition "new_service_options.next", taking true branch
2096    if(new_service_options.next) { /* daemon mode: initialize sections */
At (21): Condition "section", taking false branch
2097        for(section=new_service_options.next; section; section=section->next) {
2098            s_log(LOG_INFO, "Initializing service [%s]", section->servname);
2099            errstr=parse_service_option(CMD_END, section, NULL, NULL);
2100            if(errstr)
2101                break;
2102        }
At (22): Falling through to end of if statement
2103    }

Note that "At (21): Condition "section", taking false branch" can never
be true, since section is guaranteed to be non-NULL (due to
section==new_service_options.next, whereas new_service_options.next !=


What about the other two UNINIT defects?  I assume memory leak defects
are pretty obvious.


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