[stunnel-users] STUNNEL --- How to chose the AES cipher with TLS v1.2

Editor editor at cellmail.com
Mon Feb 4 21:20:49 CET 2013

Hi to all:

In reading the FAQ and looking at the sample configuration file, I do not see an 
example of how to correctly configure the application to use the more current 
AES-256 or the AES-128 cipher configurations.

I do have the current OpenSSL on the host (a Sun SPARC box). The idea is to use 
this host as a SSL proxy for a number of services.

I did see this reference:


But not how to then set the SSL cipher except as I found on Google.

There was this on the MAN page but it seems to fail in my configuration:

ciphers = cipherlist Select permitted SSL ciphers. A colon delimited list of the 
ciphers to allow in the SSL connection. For example DES-CBC3-SHA:IDEA-CBC-MD5



Reference Ciphers supported by OpenSSL: 

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