[stunnel-users] stunnel and Calypso and GMX: Anyone out there where stunnel works with Calypso?

greeksalad greeksalad at gmx.net
Fri Dec 13 14:39:18 CET 2013

Hallo Everybody!

Thanks for 2 replies, which replied, that mail.gmx.net:465 is not a  
propper ssl server:
well, i tried with another email client (Opera), sending AUTH PLAIN and  
AUTH LOGIN and both worked.

So I tried all possible configs in Calypso to get a successful smtp login,  
but it fails everytime with the same err.msg(see below)

The funny thing is, the getting mail, login pop.gmx.net:995 works perfect  
via stunnel, but smtp fails....

So I want to ask, if there is anyone out there, who works successully with  
CALYPSO, stunnel and GMX-Provider??

In case, please tell me your settings -  would be great!


my last question:
trying hard to get stunnel worked with Calypso email client!
When I only check emails, it works via stunnel at ssl port 995.
But sending email fails with following message from Calypso:

*** Sending pending mail from account xyz at gmx.net' @ 13.12.2013 01:54 ***
Connecting to: '' -> Successful
Logging into the SMTP server as: "xxx"
The server does not support any secure password authentication providers
Disconnecting -> Successful
Failed to send one or more pending messages.
Smtp.c[287]  Smtp.dll

the config file via stunnel looks so:

cert = stunnel.pem
client = yes
accept =
connect = pop.gmx.net:995
client = yes
accept =
connect = mail.gmx.net:465

the mailserver- config of Calypso is so:

pop3: port 108
smtp: port 107
smtp authentication method: user pop account....

So, I am really out of ideas to get the very best email client of the
world - CALYPSO - running to send emails via ssl connection, wich my
provider forces me to send via ssl from 1.jan.2014...

Anyone can help?
thanks allot!

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