[stunnel-users] Inconsistent performance across stunnel and/or OpenSSL versions

PPingPongBaker PPingPongBaker ppingpongbaker at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 01:14:20 CEST 2013

> On *Tue Apr 23 22:23:54 CEST 2013, Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net  <stunnel-users%40stunnel.org?Subject=Re%3A%20%5Bstunnel-users%5D%20Inconsistent%20performance%20across%20stunnel%20and/or%0A%20OpenSSL%20versions&In-Reply-To=%3C51715E67.1000701%40mirt.net%3E> wrote:*

> Can you confirm that this is the case for the client you used for your tests?

Yes, my client doesn't support ECDHE and DHE was negotiated (as
confirmed by tcpdump as well).
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