[stunnel-users] Compiling stunnel without a cert

Donovan Sydow donovan at gogii.net
Tue May 8 23:05:12 CEST 2012

I'm trying to automate the compilation of stunnel from source and was
curious if there was a hidden flag to prevent stunnel from trying to
generate a certificate after running make install. I do know I can make a
file called stunnel.pem in the system configuration directory prior to
running make install to prevent the cert from being made, but ideally
wanted a way to have stunnel install without having a cert pregenerated. I
didn't see any configure flags to prevent this behavior.

Does any one know how to bypass this requirement and compile without
generating a certificate or having one already exist? Alternately I would
be interested in hearing any suggestions on how to quietly generate the
initial certificate as well in an automated (i.e. no input, quiet, etc.)

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