[stunnel-users] clean installation on Windows

John jw72253 at verizon.net
Fri Jun 29 07:59:35 CEST 2012

"Ian Boag" <ian.boag at gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:<CAN-EhcF68bG4scHwhdTTF_Wp_6jb_in_f1Z-5YFyx-Tf3LCX+A at mail.gmail.com>...
> To run stunnel as an app rather than a service.
> Unzip all the stuff .... at a command prompt (or in a batch file) do
> start /b stunnel.exe
> This will bring up the stunnel symbol in the tray as well.
> When you have finished with it
> taskkill /f /im stunnel.exe
> Works for me. The first time you run it you may get a bit of firewall 
> stuff
> to cope with, but that is just a oncer,
> However, when you kill it, the tray icon does not disappear (on my Vista
> machine). So if I do it all again I get two tray icons, then three then 
> etc
> etc.
> If I put the mouse on the row of tray icons after killing stunnel, they 
> all
> disappear ... go figure
> I'm using stunnel with blat to give me "email-from-anywhere" 
> functionality.

Hi, Ian.

I know I used the word zip to make my inquiry, and that did confuse the 
issue a bit. Here is my thought stated a bit more clearly.  Although I don’t 
see a zip file per se, I do see an EXE installer. I can open this installer 
easily enough using 7-zip and see all the files inside it. I am wondering 
whether there is any reason I should not simply have 7-zip extract the 
contents into a single folder of my choice and then fire up the main program 
executable, which, I think, would then create its own working ini or config 
file with default values. I could then edit these defaults to my 
specifications and I should be good to go.

Does that sound like a viable approach? I don’t want to loose any security 
benefits. However, if at all possible, I want to avoid registry entries, 
etc. If I intend to run the program only as an application at this point, 
not as a service, would this work? Thanks.


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