[stunnel-users] stunnel and local proxies

John A. Wallace jw72253 at verizon.net
Mon Jan 30 19:17:46 CET 2012

Hello. At times I would like to have Stunnel (in Windows OS) running through a
proxy on localhost, say, a socks proxy.  Based on what I have seen and read here
and in the list archives about that, although admittedly I have not yet read
every single thread, I am inclined to say that it is not designed to do so
easily if at all.  Someone even suggested to me that these settings alone would
allow running it over a socks proxy on my machine:


; these settings relate to using stunnel through a proxy




I tested this on my system but it failed to work.  On the other hand I have had
success using a program like socat for this purpose.  Am I correct in thinking
that the above settings alone are not going to do it or do I need additional
settings with them for this purpose, or is it not going to work with Stunnel
alone? Thanks.



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